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We are a woman owned business

& best friend duo

who really freakin’ love our job

Slim and Merz Creative is a collaborative effort of Eileen [SLIM] & Mercedes [MERZ].

We are the company. We film, edit, handle all communications and call all the shots. We are located in NE Ohio, but are totally open to traveling to other locations. We have filmed in Texas, Florida, West Virgina and New York.  We focus on capturing candid moments and unique quirks to really highlight our couples personalities and their relationship in our videos. We take a fun, upbeat (& sometimes a lil funky) approach to editing while still prioritizing the raw and emotional moments of your wedding day.



My love for photo and video stems from documenting my personal travels and experiences. Being able to create something visually captivating and have those memories to look back on and share with others is so meaningful to me. We aim to give that same feeling to our clients. When i'm not filming or editing you can find me homesteadin' with my husband Phil and our 2 huskies, Miko & Koda. I have a deep love for learning, moving my body and being outside.

Photo cred: Our favorite Photographer, Danielle Williams. 





My passion for videography began when I first started traveling and exploring new places. I love capturing nature and candid moments to tell a story. I apply that same excitement when working with each and every one of our clients. We believe each couple is unique, and it’s our job to tell your story with as much beauty and creativity as we can while having an awesome time doing it.

Photo cred: Our favorite Photographer, Danielle Williams. 

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